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Module D: Software and Application Security


Welcome to the Pathway Programs module on Software and Application Security.

Simply put, application security is the general practise of minimising the vulnerabilities of your software. Making it strongly resilient to cyber threats. Application security is important as all application can be placed in a position where their security could be compromised. There are trillions of dollars riding on these applications and their associated processes globally. Failure to adequately protect your applications in your organisation may result in loss of trust, brand image and data

In this module, we will cover:

  • Vulnerability auditing, sandboxing and control flow integrity.
  • User authentication, authentication-via-secret and session management.
  • Cross site scripting, cross site request forgery and SQL Injection.
  • Diverse ways in which information can be communicated, and awareness of security implications for each method of communication.
  • Concepts of confidentiality, availability and integrity in information assurance, including physical, software, devices, policies and peopl.